Old Lagan Canal Towpath, Aghagallon

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Old Lagan Canal Towpath, Aghagallon

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  • Having walked the scenic Broadwater section of the Moira to Lough Neagh canal many times I recently decided to investigate the Aghagallon sections. There are two open canal walks on either side of the Whitehall Road humpback bridge. This road joins the Aghagallon to Lurgan road just south of Aghagallon. There is a small car park on the west side of the bridge. However the entrance is very close to this blind bridge and is skewed away from the bridge making entry difficult. It may be easier to turn around somewhere further down the road and approach the car park from the other direction. Either way look out for fast vehicles coming over the bridge!
    Here one can either walk the surfaced towpath north (under the bridge) for about 0.7 miles or south for nearly a mile to the Annaghdroghal Lane bridge. This is the last bridge before the canal joins Lough Neagh at Castor Bay. Unfortunately there is no access to the canal below this bridge and little parking.
    Note that the alternative northern walk from the Whitehall Road is unfortunately blocked by a metal fence about 250 yards short of the Goudy Road bridge so one must turn back here here to the car park. The remains of a lock are visible near this blockage. Note that this path becomes heavily wooded and isolated near this barrier and may not be suitable for a female walking alone.

    B. Jennings

    Brian Jennings at 9:13 pm
  • We parked in the car park at Crannagh Bridge after establishing that there wasn’t anywhere suitable to park in the vicinity if Annaghdroghal bridge.
    The walk was flat and suitable for all.
    The littering in the canal and the dog fouling near the bridges was unpleasant but the remainder of the walk was nice.
    We saw plenty of birdlife, for example , Mute Swans, Moorhens, Reed Buntings and Goldfinches.
    This is a nice walk if you live locally or are visiting the local area.

    Phil at 11:30 pm
  • I agree with all the positive comments about the towpath …. I like to walk my dogs there but…. the cyclists!! when oh when are the Council or whomever manages the towpath, going to do something about them before someone gets seriously hurt … a lot of them are so aggressive, rude, don’t bother ringing the bell, and travel at speed in packs …. please address this problem!! its not a cycle track!

    M Roberts at 2:40 pm
  • County Antrim

    Distance 1.4 miles

    OS Map 19

    Terrain Flat tarmac path

    Nearest Town Aghagallon

    Route Shape Linear

    Grid Reference J088630

    Route Type Riverside

    Point of Interest

    Montiaghs Moss Area and Portmore Lough

    Getting to the start

    Take turn-off for Junction 10 on the M1 and follow the B105 to Aghagallon. Cycling: NCN Route 9 + 94

    Public transport

    Translink – journeyplanner.translink.co.uk

    Dog Policy

    Must be kept on a lead.


    Toilets and refreshments available in Aghagallon