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Mourneside Walk

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  • Walked this beautiful stretch of the River Mourne many tines. Its particular colorful in the Autumn when the leaves are changing colour. Video link to this walk below


    Aidan Devlin at 12:56 pm
  • County Tyrone

    Distance 2 miles

    OS Map Discoverer Map 12

    Terrain Footpath and gravel path

    Nearest Town Sion Mills

    Route Shape Circular

    Grid Reference H34300 93200

    Route Type Riverside

    From car park head south to where the footpath begins. Follow path along the outer perimeter of Herdman’s Mill until you reach the large Map sign. From here, turn right and follow path until panoramic views of 19th century weir are in sight. At the weir turn left and follow the path north which leads to the swinging bridge. Continue to follow the path which will eventually lead back to the start of the route.

    Mourne River, Weir, Herdman’s Mill, Wildlife

    Follow the main A5 road from Strabane to Omagh. Once in Sion Mills turn left on to Willows Road. Continue 400 metres until the Mill then turn right for dedicated parking.

    Translink – journeyplanner.translink.co.uk

    Cafes, toilet facilities and shops available in Sion Mills. Picnic area near River Mourne.