Linn Glen

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The Linn river is a small stream in the centre of this glen. The paths are on both sides and go around a wildflower meadow and to a viewpoint. Native trees and shrubs are in abundance throughout.

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Linn Glen

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County Antrim

Distance 1 mile

OS Map Sheet 9

Terrain Mostly flat and tarmacced

Nearest Town Larne

Route Shape Circular

Grid Reference D38683 02546

Route Type Riverside, Urban, Woodland

On the Linn Road close to the Co-op and petrol station, go through the main basalt pillar entrance. Take the path to the right and after about 200 metres you can either take the left fork that loops through the meadow or the longer path on the right that takes you to the viewpoint and path that flanks both sides of the stream. Small bridges go over the stream. There are two informaton panels to read about some interesting nature facts. A trim trail provides 6 different exercises.

The viewpoint has a polished granite slab

The Linn Road, not far from Antiville roundabout on the A8.

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Dogs are allowed. Please keep dogs under control at all times. Use bins for waste.

There is a Co-op shop and bakery adjacent to the Linn Glen. The town of Larne provides toilets, cafes and a Tourist Information Centre for accommodation.