Jenkin Forest and Lakes

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A quiet walk which offers peace and tranquility for the casual walker. The track is mainly on forest roads, with a small section on minor country roads. Ascend the climb to Jenkin Hill where you will be rewarded with stunning views of Jenkin Lough, cut across the boardwalk to see the blanket bog up close and rest a while at the picnic benches at Jenkin Lough to recuperate. This walk was developed as part of the Clones Erne East Blackwater (CEEB) Rural Regeneration project.

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Jenkin Forest and Lakes

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  • A pleasant leg stretch. Well enough signed. One of the walk reporters clarifies that rather than stay on the initial path up to the tarmac road, you need to take the 2nd left, which is signed anyway under the Jenkin Way. At the top of the hill, you take a left up to the viewpoint and can then access the boardwalk down to the lake.
    The loop trail around the various lakes continues back up the hill to the right from Jenkin Lough and then turning left and circuiting the lake behind it. Just after passing the second lake, behind the trees and Jenkin Lough, the next crucial turn left is not long after you the end of that lough. There is a trail straight on, but take that left. The next major left off the main trail has a ‘Jenkin Loop’ post and gate you pass through. You pass a very small lake on the left, rising up a short hill to thr next forest track at 90 degrees to you. Turn left at this one and then the final longer stretch back to the starting road take place at the next forest road junction, where you turn right. 2.5 miles later you reach the main road and turn left back the 1.9km to the starting point. Hen Harriers, Red Squirrels, Pine Martens, Crossbills and Goldcrests inhabit these woods but saw none of them! Dull day today but I can imagine things colour up a lot better on a sunny day with great views.

    Dave Flanagan at 7:32 pm
  • I have really enjoyed my time exploring the trails and forestry in and around Jenkins, I’ve did walking, running and used the mountain bike on several occasions all year round. From reading previous comments I have to admit the signage is poor, but for me that was the fun in exploring the area. I would recommend downloading a GPS map on your mobile which will help in doing a loop and to get farmilar with the area, I use strava app on my phone and it is brilliant to see where you are and the distance you’ve travelled. Definitely worth the time to explore it more and take in the veiws and scenery at the top off Jenkin hill..
    Be prepared to tackle alot off hills on your walks, I’ve managed to do some nice 10km loops in the area from the mulaghafad side and also the carnmore side.. Enjoy everyone.. Definitely recommend it, with a bit off planning its worth it

    Colm McManus at 8:56 am
  • It’s a good walk, and a better run, but take your map and read it, dont rely on the signs as otherwise you can go wrong.

    Michael at 8:49 pm
  • County Fermanagh

    Distance 7.4 miles

    OS Map 18, 27

    Terrain Forest track, quiet country road

    Nearest Town Fivemiletown

    Route Shape Circular

    Grid Reference H48273 42563

    Route Type Forest

    Route Description

    Once at the parking area adjacent to Crocknagrally Forest, take a left to head up the hill on the public road for a few hundred metres. There is a forest road to the right hand side with an interpretation panel at the entrance. Follow the forest track for approximately 3 kms until you reach the public road again. Take a left and walk up hill, you will begin on tarred road but it soon turns to gravel path again. Follow the forest track up a steep hill until you are met with glorious views of Lough Jenkin and the Jenkin Boardwalk over blanket bog.

    You have the choice of transversing the bog on the boardwalk or stay on the gravel path; the board walk brings you directly down to Jenkin Lough. If you remain on the gravel path, it will bring you down to near Jenkin Lough; you can chose to cut across and meet the board walk or talk the straight path around the back of Lough Jenkin.

    Coming around the back of Lough Jenkin, take a sharp left and you will be awarded with fantastic views of 3 other Loughs in the forest; Lough Nadarra, Lough Nabraddagh and Lough Cushkerry. After a few hundred meters continue left again until you come to a junction, here take a right to find your way out of the forest. The forest track continues for a few kilometers until you reach the public road again. Taking a left there is a short walk back down to the car park on the right.

    The walk is fully signposted by blue CEEB way markers, which are placed at regular intervals along the route.

    Mature plantations at Jenkin Forest provide habitat for rare protected species including the red squirrel and pine marten, while most of the Jenkin Forest has been designated as a Special Protection Area on the basis of its importance as a breeding ground for the hen harrier. If you are extremely fortunate you may catch glimpse of the hen harriers soaring high above the forest.

    Point of Interest

    Breeding Hen Harriers, Lough Jenkin

    Getting to the start

    The start of the walk is at the entrance to Crocknagrally Forest – located on the Mullaghfad Road approximately one mile from the Mullaghfad/Alderwood Road junction (six miles from Fivemiletown). When in Fivemiletown take the left turn sign posted Cooneen. Continue out this road until you cross a stone bridge, there will be a sign to the left saying Mullaghfad and Jenkin Lakes. Take the road to the left and after about 3km you come to a forest road entrance on the left. There is a small parking area at the forest entrance. The signage at this car park is for Crocknagrally Forest, but the Jenkin Lough Forest walk can be accessed from here.

    Public transport

    Translink –

    Dog Policy

    Dogs on lead permitted


    Small car park at entrance to the walk on the Jenkin Road, off the Mullaghfad Road and approximately one mile from Cooneen Church.

    Accessibility Grade
    Grade 5

    • There may not be a formalised path, and variable, single file trails are to be expected.
    • Gradients and cross slope could be expected to be steep and not limited.
    • Obstacles and surface breaks of greater than 75mm measured across the line of the path to be expected.
    • Overhanging branches are possible. Passing places and rest areas may not be formalised or provided.