Glenties to Killeter

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This section travels through County Donegal from the town of Glenties, passing Lough Eske and crossing the Northern Ireland Border into County Tyrone before ending in the village of Killeter.

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Walk Route

Glenties to Killeter

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County Donegal

Distance 34

OS Map OSI: 11/OSNI: 20

Terrain Some steep, difficult ground. Can be rocky, boggy and exposed in places. There are some on road walk sections. Parts of the route are unmarked in places. There are also footbridges, boardwalk and stiles to cross.

Nearest Town Glenties

Route Shape Linear

Grid Reference G818 944

Route Type Quality Section

Route Description

This is the second section of the IAT in Ireland, leading from Glenties, past Lough Eske, across the border with Northern Ireland, through Killeter Forest and ending at the village of Killeter.

The waymarking on this section is a yellow on black walking man and arrow disk with ‘Bluestack Way’ written on it from Glenties to the Clar Chapel junction.

After this, passing over the Northern Ireland border, the route is currently not waymarked. You should follow the route as described in the description and on the maps available for download.

Please be aware that this walking route passes through areas of open land, livestock may be present and ground conditions may be uneven or wet underfoot. Please refer to the ‘Walk Safely and Responsibly’ information in the Useful Info tab above.

Point of Interest

Bluestack Mountains, Lough Eske.


You can arrange a shuttle or taxi to pick you up and bring you into Donegal. Donegal town is a great town with everything for walkers. There are plenty of shops, restaurants, hotels, laundry, pubs, etc. The Abbey Hotel is a wonderful place to stay. The large hotel has everything. The Abbey has a great bar area, nice restaurant, courteous staff and comfortable rooms. The town itself was a great visit.

Accessibility Grade

Quality Walks