Croaghan Way

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Upland walking route, through Breen Forest and taking in the summit of Croaghan itself.

The Croaghan Way will be closed from Friday 9th April until 1st July to protect ground nesting birds.

Please be advised Legal Control measures are in place for trapping grey backed crows. Interference with these traps is illegal.

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Croaghan Way

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  • Interesting mix of open bog and forest walk. Some of the forest walking was on carpets of moss. At the point at which you cross from the bog to the mountain the style over the original fence has been removed. A new, higher, double barbed wire topped fence has been placed in parallel. This makes it difficult and dangerous to climb over the fence because you can’t just get to the top and jump because you have to then jump over another fence 50cm away. Whoever removed the style needs to replace it.

    King Marie-Louise at 9:46 pm
  • I’ve done this walk a few times and it’s always very wet, which isn’t surprising given it’s an area of upland peat bog so boots and perhaps waterproof socks will help. It is nonetheless a good, relatively short walk with stunning scenery. When it’s clear you can see Rathlin to the north and westwards towards Ballymena. Take care where you plant your feet on the initial boggy stages before the tree line as the area is full of little frogs 🙂 Emerging from the forest drops you onto a forest track. The longer route takes about 2 hours.

    Ian at 4:30 pm
  • Brilliantly sign-posted, beautiful walk. The description is spot on. There are steep parts, but even those who’re not particularly fit will be able to do it. It took us 3.5 hours.

    It is pretty boggy too, even on a warm day. Wait for a few days of sunshine first, otherwise you will sink it.

    Take good walking boots and plenty of water.

    There are no picnic tables or toilets at the Altarichard car park, which is just a car park and no more.

    Views from the windy summit are 360-degree gorgeousness.

    You probably won’t meet another soul all afternoon. 🙂

    A perfect mixture of steep exercise at the start followed by a beautiful forest dander.

    It’s quite exposed for most of the way. Take a sweater/jacket and a hat.

    Dawn Baird at 11:03 pm
  • County Antrim

    Distance 6.5 miles

    OS Map Sheet 5

    Terrain Open hillside and forest track

    Nearest Town Magherahoney Village

    Route Shape Circular

    Grid Reference D12278 29408

    Route Type Forest, Hill, Mountain, Woodland

    Route Description

    This 5.5 mile walk is the longer of the two walks that start and finish at Altarichard car park on the Altarichard Road; it is also known as the Breen Forest Walk (the other is known as The Milibern).

    The Trail is located within the Antrim Coast and Glens Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. To follow this way marked trail, leave the car park and make a right turn. After a short distance you will see red and blue way marks on your left. Follow the red arrows for the Breen Forest Trail. These will lead you uphill to the summit of Croaghan from which there are outstanding panoramic views. Continue to follow the red arrows, which descend into Breen Forest, following the Moyle Way for a short section. The Trail then leaves Breen and crosses an area of upland heath before entering the final section at Altarichard Forest. On leaving the Forest make a right turn along Altarichard Road back to the car park.

    Point of Interest

    Panoramic views of Rathlin Island from Croaghan

    Getting to the start

    Located at the Altarichard car park/viewing area on the Orra Scenic Drive between Magherahoney and Cushendall/Cushendun.

    Public transport

    Translink –

    Dog Policy

    Dogs are not allowed. May be livestock on open hill areas and walkers should be aware they may encounter game shooting in the Glenshesk Valley area which may disturb dogs.


    Car park and viewing area.

    Accessibility Grade

    Grade 5

    • There may not be a formalised path, and variable, single file trails are to be expected.
    • Gradients and cross slope could be expected to be steep and not limited.
    • Obstacles and surface breaks of greater than 75mm measured across the line of the path to be expected.
    • Overhanging branches are possible. Passing places and rest areas may not be formalised or provided.