Cregagh Glen and Lisnabreeny

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This route follows an attractive glen into the Castlereagh Hills with superb views over the city from the top.

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Cregagh Glen and Lisnabreeny

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  • Brilliant place for a run. My house is at the bottom of the Rocky Road and I should use it more. As the gym is closed I have taken to running up it and down the Rocky Road, you will soon find there is a hell of a difference than running on a treadmill. Very well maintained and even though it was wet the day before it still had drained well and was quite dry with only patches of light mud.
    I have some photos if anyone wants
    It’s about .5 miles up to the Manse Road and .7 miles down the Rocky Road

    Dr Philip Graham at 10:04 am
  • Absolutely beautiful walk with waterfalls and well maintained walkways etc.
    There is an old fort at the top of the hill which is well worth the effort of continuing on, a magical place.

    Tom McM at 12:59 pm
  • Beautiful wee walk. Stunning scenery and well worth the trouble!

    Cathy at 3:22 pm
  • County Down

    Distance 1.5 (one way) miles

    OS Map Sheet 15 + Belfast Street Finder

    Terrain Unsurfaced paths, steep steps

    Nearest Town Cregagh, Castlereagh - Belfast

    Route Shape Linear

    Grid Reference J36326 71057

    Route Type Hill, Riverside, Woodland

    This is a linear route, which returns by way of the same path. It can be walked in either direction, parking in local streets at the Knockbreda Road end, or in the National Trust car park on the Lisnabreeny Road. Care should be taken if crossing the Upper Knockbreda Rd – this is a busy dual carriageway.

    Beginning at the entrance on the Upper Knockbreda Road, follow the path uphill through Cregagh Glen. At certain points along the glen you can choose to follow the main path or follow the samller path along the Glen River itself. The path hugs the sides of Cregagh glen as it climbs through pools of sunlight cast by the trees. You’ll hear the waterfall, but also keep an eye out for the carpets of bluebell and wood anemone in spring.

    The first part of this walk is through a picturesque wooded glen. At the top of the glen, cross under the Manse Road via a walkway and into the grounds of Lisnabreeny House.

    Follow the lane past Lisnabreeny House, once the home of poet Nesca Robb, briefly a youth hostel and army headquarters before restoration as part of Lagan College. Look out for the ivy-strewn walls of the old garden, now replanted with broadleaves and build a den in the natural play area.

    You will then pass through several gates as the laneway winds its way uphill. Continue along the gravel track as it weaves through gorse bushes and passes through a field.

    From here you will see a stand of mature trees marking the site of a rath. Continue to follow the path to explore the rath. Form here, the path continues a short distance to the National Trust car park on the Lisnabreeny Road.

    Retrace your steps downhill to the Manse Road, and through the glen to the starting point.

    Waterfalls in Cregagh Glen, Rath, farmland birds

    Entrance on Upper Knockbreda Road A55, north of the Cregagh Road junction. Parking in adjacent streets. A small car park is also available at the end of the route on the Lisnabreeny Road off the Manse Road.

    Translink –

    Dogs are allowed. Dogs to be kept under control

    None on site, refreshments available locally.

    Grade 4

    • The path may not be hard and firm in all weathers with loose stones (not bigger than 10cm) with occasional tree roots and pot holes and will be at least 80cm wide for its entire length.
    • The path gradients and cross slopes will be greater than 6 degrees
    • Obstacles such as steps or stiles are to be expected and surface breaks may be larger 75mm in width.
    • There will be a clear head height of greater than 2.10m for the entire length of the route.
    • Passing places and rest areas may not be formalised or provided.