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Travelling to and around the Ulster Way

The Ulster Way is one of the most enjoyable ways to experience Northern Ireland on foot. For those sections of trail however which involve travelling along busy roads, we recommend using a car, public transport or – where available – a shuttle service to travel between sections.


Mourne Shuttle Bus Service

This 16 seat mini bus can pick you up at your desired car park and take you out to the start point of your route so you can walk back to the car meaning you will no longer be restricted to the circular routes and can explore many of the fantastic linear ones in the area also. The shuttle service runs throughout the whole year, every weekend and can be requested during the week also. In the summer months of July and August the service will be available seven days a week.

Pick up and drop off points include Donard Park, Newcastle, Trassey Track Car Park and Carricklittle Car Park. A bespoke shuttle and support service to walking groups is also available. For more information or to book the shuttle service, please contact Peter Magowan on 07516 412076.


Plan your route using public transport

Plan your route using the Translink Website:



Taxi companies can be found throughout the entire Ulster Way route, although not all are listed online. You can find many of them online here. For taxi numbers in other areas not listed here, please contact the local Tourist Information Centre (listed below).


Getting to and from your accommodation

The majority of accommodation providers are not located directly on the route and therefore it may be necessary to use public transport, taxis, or where available, shuttle services to travel to and from your accommodation.