Red Squirrel and Pine Marten Survey

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A welcome sighting in Cairn Wood

Camera traps have been running since the 5th of October and have been regularly baited using a mixture of eggs, sunflower seeds and jam. Four sections of the wood have been observed to date with more to be observed when food sources become more scarce during the month of December.

The survey is searching mainly for pine marten scat and red squirrel dreys as well as recording casual sightings of either species.

The camera traps have discovered the presence of both pine martens and red squirrels in the wood however, there have been infrequent sightings. This was to be expected given the time of year and the abundance of food sources in the wood but it could also be indicative of a small population.

To date discoveries have been made of at least two red squirrels on site and one pine marten.


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