A demanding walk off road over rough terrain. Rewarded with amazing 360 degree views.

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  • Great walk.

    In My opinion just as good and probably easier to undertake this route in reverse to the route description. i.e. in an anti clockwise direction

    Philip at 10:23 pm
  • County Derry

    Distance 7 miles

    OS Map Sheet 8

    Terrain Open mountain, boggy & rough

    Nearest Town Dungiven

    Route Shape Circular

    Grid Reference C75144 11200

    Route Type Mountain

    *Please note that this walk can be challenging in poor weather conditions. Visibility can drop lower than 50 metres in heavy rain or mist.*

    Start by climbing the gate between the bridge and house on the East side of American Road.

    Pass over a second gate and keep to the right of a stream flowing from the SE. There are a few white topped marker posts that you can follow, but these should not be relied upon, for example in low visibility conditions. Ground conditions are rough and variable underfoot as should be expected of the open mountainside.

    Continue to follow the stream until meeting Evishagaran, where you will come across the ruined remains of a building with a tree growing through the site. Continue to follow the course of the stream and you will meet a fence line as you climb towards the 454 spot height.

    Cross the first gate in the fence line to pick up a rough track that brings you to the top of Boviel Road above Glenshane Pass. Don’t access the road but follow the ridge westwards for over 1 km before turning N.

    Keep as high on the ridge as you can and you will pick up more white posts that will take you to the top of the public road coming from Dungiven. Some of these may be white topped fencing posts.

    Cross a heavy iron gate, turn left to follow the track and head for the summit of Benbradagh. Retrace your steps back to the iron gate and return to your car along the American Road. As this is MoD land, there are several gates to be traversed that remained locked on a long term basis.

    The first stage of this walk to Boviel Road can be quite wet at times but the second section provides a drier route along the ridge to Benbradagh. Sheep graze the area throughout the year so dogs are not advisable.

    You are advised not to attempt this walk without OS Map Sheet 8 and a compass.

    Superb 360 views, old remains

    Accessed off the B64 Dungiven to Garvagh Road. 3.5 miles north of Dungiven turn right onto Gelvin Road. Turn right after 2 miles onto American Road. Alternative start point accessed from Curragh Road Dungiven. Turn off Chapel Road and follow road straight to top of mountain.

    Translink – journeyplanner.translink.co.uk

    Refreshments & Toilets in Dungiven

    Grade 5

    • There may not be a formalised path, and variable, single file trails are to be expected.
    • Gradients and cross slope could be expected to be steep and not limited.
    • Obstacles and surface breaks of greater than 75mm measured across the line of the path to be expected.
    • Overhanging branches are possible. Passing places and rest areas may not be formalised or provided.